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    Exception handling didnot et stack trace

    virendra agarwal Newbie
      Hi I am using seam with jsf.
      My problem is exception handling.
      I have added my exception tags in pages.xml.

      <exception class="java.lang.Exception">
              <redirect view-id="/error.xhtml">
                  <message severity="error">#{messages.unexpected_error</message>

      When ever exception occurs it is redirected to error page that works fine.
      But i want to capture when ever an exception occurs . I am not concern with the type and where it occurs i need to get print stack trace of the exception when ever it occurs.

      For this i created a class

      public class ErrorHandlerImpl extends ExceptionHandler {
              private String stackTrace;
              public String getStackTrace() {
                      return stackTrace;

              public void setStackTrace(String stackTrace) {
                      this.stackTrace = stackTrace;

              public void handle(Exception e) throws Exception {
                      stackTrace = "jhgvjkhkjhbjkhkj";

              public boolean isHandler(Exception e) {
                      return true;

      I dont know how can i call handle method to get the exception. I am new to seam so tell me how i use this class.
      My error.xhtml page calls stackTrace like this.

              <h:outputText value="#{errorHandler.stackTrace}"></h:outputText>
              <h:messages id="errorMessage" styleClass="message"/>
      Please help me how can i get stack trace of the exception.
      Thanks & Regards