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    jaws create table

    Tomasz Newbie

      Why when I deploy new CMP bean with some primary key,
      jaws doesn't create primary key index.
      Posgresql 7.2 + jboss2.4

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          Frank Langelage Master

          possibly you don't have
          in your jaws.xml / standardjaws.xml.

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            Tomasz Newbie

            possibly I don't have...

            And another issue: how to force jaws to create indices on
            different (than primary key field) fields?

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              David Jencks Master

              JAWS is not really intended to be a database design tool, the table creation is primarily to make it easy to develop your beans in tandem with a simple "default" rdbms mapping. The intention is that for production your dba (or you) will at least review the schema and make sure it has the appropriate indices, storage modifiers, column sizes, foreign keys, etc etc. Also JAWS has no ability to modify an existing table if you add/remove ejb fields/db columns - you have to drop the table and let JAWS recreate it.

              That being said I've often thought it would be nice to have it generate foreign keys for ejb relationships.

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                Shailesh Dangi Newbie

                Persistence's PowerTier EJB Server does not only OR mapping but also takes care PK/FK relationships and automatically generates entity beans with appropriate methods. The version I worked with used to generate stubs and skeletons and used to take quite a long time inspite of using Jikes. Dynamic Proxies are something novel and I need to take a closer look.