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    Filtering on entire resultset


      I was able to get the filtering functionality working using rich:datatable and rich:extendeddatatable, which does its work well on the current view i.e. on Max Results (25 or 30 or whatever). But, is it really correct? What if I need to filter the data on the entire result set? Did anyone encounter this problem before? pls lemme know.

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          As I see and exaclty as you refer here: this filtering is feature of the Richfaces UI component not Seam or underlying persistence layer! It is nothing to do with how the working collection is propagated from the database. As you use paging (which is feature of the persistence query) with your query, the specific result set contains only records on the current page. If your intention is to refresh the whole result set on such captured DOM events then you should connect this JS call with your entity query refresh-paging logic...