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    Hot deployment with JBoss AS in debug mode

    Michal Petrik Newbie

      Hi, it is possible to use hot deployment when you start JBoss AS from eclipse in debug mode?
      (I'm using eclipse's feature server - new - setup Runtime etc. to start server)

      When I try to add/delete method to/from some POJO bean I'm getting following warning from eclipse and the class is not hot deployed.

      Some code changes cannot be hot swapped into a running virtual machine, such as
      chaniging method names or introducing errors into running code.
      The current target virtual machine [org.jboss.Main at localhost:3472] from launch
      [Jboss 5.1 Server] was unable to replace the running code with the code in the 
      It is safe to continue running the application, but you may notice discrepancies when
      debugging this application.
      Hot code replace failed - Add method not implemented.

      But when I start JBoss in normal mode, evrything is going well.

      Any thoughts?

      I'm using JBoss AS 5.1.0 and SEAM 2.2.0GA
      in a *.war project.