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    Porting CLI application into seam

    kem Newbie

      I have developed a CLI application where objects are created using constructors, logging (log4j) is redirected to the console and generated reports and files are stored on the disk.

      The cli-app arguments are input-file-path + different parameters. cli-app does a complex processing of the data from the input file and generate different object that are printed into folder/files as output. The data processing is monitored via log4j.

      I would like to convert this cli-app to seam-app where the processing of the data is the action, the generated object are entities and statusMessage or facesMassage are used for the monitoring of data processing.

      What will be the best approach to convert cli-app to seam-app? can I still use constructors to create object that can be in used in a seam app?

      Thanks in advance.