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    Seam Excel error

    elfuhrer Novice

      I'm generating a report from a number of list retrieved in seam. However I can iterate over columns as indicated in the documentation, example

      <e:column value="#{personList}" var="person">
          <f:facet name="header">
              <e:cell value="Last name"/>
          <e:cell value="#{person.lastName}"/>

      Iterating over worksheets works fine and I can get the output in the format I want.

      Now what is more confusing is that the documentation states that the <e:column> tag does not support any inline attributes however the example snapshots are full of them.

      My question is basically simple, I need to iterate over a number of lists and put them in a single worksheet. Is that possible?

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          elfuhrer Novice

          After reviewing the code, I guess this is not possible without a workaround, the worksheet tag is bound to an DataModel, or Iterable or Map and all the records must be taken from that object.

          What about extending the excel module to support adding multiple lists, iterables, or datamodel from various sources. Probably a tag such as:

          <e:list value="#{bean.list} var="obj" startRow="0" startColumn="0" />

          would help? Any thoughts on that? Does anyone beside me find it useful?


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            Juan Martin Chiaradia Newbie

            It could be usefull to me too!!!

            I have another issue:

            I don't know how to get working a formula like Sum(C2:CN)?

            Could anyone helpme?