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    capture view and redirect back to(how to do it)

    Dean Hiller Expert

      I am trying to do something like login capture and redirect with ONE major difference..

      I want to capture the page the user was on BEFORE the click of New Ticket

      I tried just using a filter and grabbing the url from there, but the url in the request does not always match what is in the browser url...so weird.  I have lots of params and rewrites so I dont' have any ?param=xx but rather have projects/<proj>/<release>

      so how do I get the page the user is on....I mean New Ticket right now is a post so I know so to speak where they are coming from but not sure where the parameters got lost in the request and why the url is messed up....any ideas here?

      I have been looking at Redirect.java in seam which captures the view one is going to(not coming from) and it looks to be only conversational....I wonder if I just make that session based? though if they switch tabs, it kind of screws it all up.  this is tough.