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    html table attribute rowspan causes parsing error in formattedText tag

    Stefan Achleitner Newbie


      I am dynamically generating html code in my java Bean to display tables:

      <table border="1"><tr><td rowspan="2">1</td><td>2</td></tr><tr><td>3</td></tr></table>

      Now I want to render the created code within my seam page:

      <s:formattedText value="#{dynamicTable.table}"></s:formattedText>

      table is a simple String Object in my Java Bean.

      When I start my application I get the following error:

      error parsing attribute name
      [UIFormattedText] Seam Text parse error: unexpected token: rowspan

      Without the rowspan attribute everything works perfect. Does anyone know how to get the rowspan attribute rendered?

      Thanks a lot!