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    rollback problems in session facade, db

    Daniel Schaller Newbie


      I am using a SessionBean as a Facade to my EntiyBeans!
      Well, in one of my SessionBeans I have implemented a method which creates
      some EntityBeans. Thats all ok, however after that creation I also call some
      additional set-methods on these creates EntityBeans. If one of these method
      calls fails an exception is thrown and the transaction is rollbacked.
      Howerever, the created EntityBeans in that transaction context are still
      available that means the corresponding entries in my database are still
      there and were not rollbacked.

      Is that behavior correct or do I do anything wrong, so that I have to remove
      all created EntityBeans on myself in the catch-clause of my try-catch

      Thank you

      Daniel Schaller