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    h:selectOneMenu not refresh with validation

    daniele campanini Newbie
      Hi, I have a <rich:dataTable with three columns; the first print a file name, the second a combo box with a list of file type and the fird a <a:commandlink for delete a single row. Below the table there is a sumbmit button. It's mandatory to select the type from combo for all files in the list so the >h:selectOneMenu has required="true". When i click on delete command link (with immediate=true) the row is deleted from the list but the combo box not. It's works if i remove the tag immediate=true from command link!!!! So what's the problem? Is there other solution to bypass a validator when i clink on command link?

      This is the code

      <rich:dataTable var="rows" value="#{validazione.rows}" >
              <rich:column >
                      <f:facet name="header">
                              <h:outputText value="Files"></h:outputText>
                      <a:commandLink value="#{rows.nomeFile}" immediate="true"
                                      action="#{validazione.viewFile(rows)}"> </a:commandLink>
              <rich:column width="200px">
                      <f:facet name="header">
                              <h:outputText value="File Type"></h:outputText>
                              <h:panelGroup id="pnlComboLocalitaAltro">
                                      <s:decorate template="/layout/edit2.xhtml">
                                              <h:selectOneMenu value="#{rows.type}" id="comboLocalita" required="true">
                                                      <s:selectItems       value="#{validazione.getDocTypeItems(rows)}" var="item" label="#          {item.label}"    itemValue="#{item.value}" />
                                                      <a:support event="onchange" ignoreDupResponses="true"        reRender="pnlComboLocalitaAltro" />


              <rich:column width="100px">
                      <f:facet name="header">
                              <h:outputText value="Remove"></h:outputText>

                      <a:commandLink value="Remove" immediate="true" action="#{validazione.deleteRow(rows)}" reRender="idTblFiles,panelMessage"></a:commandLink>