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    How to return to parent conversation?

    Annika Noaksson Newbie

      I have some trouble understanding nested conversations in Seam (version 2.1). I have a firstpage.xhtml that links to secondpage.xhtml. secondpage.xhtml starts a nested conversation. In the back button in secondpage.xhtml I use conversation.endAndRedirect. The I successfully returns to firstpage.xhtml but I can see that a new temporary conversation has been created, also nested to the first parent conversation. How do I return to the parent conversation?

      <page view-id="/firstpage.xhtml">
              <begin-conversation join="true"/>

      <page view-id="/secondpage.xhtml">
              <begin-conversation nested="true" if="#{!conversation.nested}"/> 

      Back button in secondpage.xhtml:
      <s:button id="backToParent" value="Back" action="#{conversation.endAndRedirect}" rendered="#{conversation.nested}">