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    Select from list pattern

    Thomas Jonsson Newbie


      I'm interested in getting your thoughts about the best way/pattern when dealing with row selections from a dataTable or extendedDataTable (richfaces). There are a number of ways of doing this...

      1) By using the annotations DataModel and DataModelSelection (by the way, does this approach support multi selections?)

      2) By binding the table to a backing bean.

      3) By using the ExtendedDataTableModel.

      Our requirements are:
      1) Should support single and multiple row selection
      2) Should work when you select a row and then using the arrowkey to go to another row, then this new row should be selected in the bb.

      We use SFSB as action classes. Or project is build as an ear and have multiple modules.

      I havn't get any of the three ways to work. Problems with 1). Can't get it to work when using arrow keys (use support onselectionchange, works for instance with support and onRowMouseClick).
      Problems with 2). According to Ilya Shaikovsky components should not be tied to an ejb.
      Problems with 3). I havn't tried this solution that much, but since ExtendedDataTableModel resides in the richfaces-impl.jar which it shouldn't I have to place this jar in the ear:s lib folder and that is quite troublesome and not very neat.

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