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    MySQL and EJB persistance

    Michael Newbie

      Hi all,

      I have a problem with JBoss EJB persistance to MySQL.

      I have an EJB associated with a Innodb table in MySQL. When I "create" an EJB in my JSP page, everything ran fine but the new record in the table didn't get created.

      However, after many traces, I changed my table type from Innodb to MyISAM. Then, the EJB worked as it should be.

      I wonder if anybody can share some thoughts about this and if there is work around on this.

      Best regards,

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          Angel Carrano Newbie

          I have seen this behavior when the EJB's transaction attribute is not set to "Required" (on your ejb-jar.xml file). You can set it to "Required" (as shown in the example below) and that should store the EJB on your table.




          This is not a very good solution since setting this attribute to Required on all of your entity EJB's may reduce performace.