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    Using jpdl,decision-tag to dynamically navigate to more than two pages

    Martin Dames Newbie

      Hi all,

      Im trying to use the decision tag for dynamic navigation to several pages:

         <decision name="jumpToPage" expression="#{bean.whichPageToNavigate}">
            <transition name="Page1" to="page1"/>
            <transition name="Page2" to="page2"/>
            <transition name="Page3" to="page3"/>
            <transition name="Page4" to="page4"/>
            <transition name="Page5" to="page5"/>

      This will be used in a wizard... each visited page should be randomly accessible by the user via a hyperlink in a navigation menu. Each non-visited page must be visited through the standard pageflow.

      Im getting the following error with an infinite loop if Im clicking one of the links:

      java.lang.IllegalStateException: pageflow is not currently at a <page> or <start-page> node (note that pageflows that begin during the RENDER_RESPONSE phase should use <start-page> instead of <start-state>)

      I would appreciate some help!

      Thank you in advance.