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    JBoss, InterBase 6, InterClient 2

    Lofi Dewanto Newbie

      Hi all,

      I just wonder, if someone has this problem within
      JDK 1.3, JBoss with InterBase 6 and InterClient 2
      (compiled with JDK 1.3):

      - I use JDK 1.3, InterBase 6, InterClient 2
      (compiled with JDK 1.3) and JOnAS 2.3.
      - The problem is:
      InterClient throws a DeadlockException
      -> Two or more clients make an access at the
      same time (concurrently).
      - In JOnAS you can set the isolation level
      of InterBase to "read_committed",
      this helps the situation a bit, so you
      don't get this exception everytimes but
      only "sometimes".

      Does someone use JBoss with this configuration
      and also get the same exception?

      Please make a cc to my email: dewanto@uni-muenster.de

      Thanks a lot!
      Blasius Lofi Dewanto
      OpenUSS - Open University Support System
      E-Mail : dewanto@uni-muenster.de
      ICQ : 39343280