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    Issue: Cannot create Seam component, scope is not active

    Philip Murphy Newbie

      If you see this message Cannot create Seam component, scope is not active read on...

      Posting this after my research into this issue for anyone that has the same problem (as it took me about 1/2 a day to find the posts mentioned below):-

      This appears to be a benign issue in the version of RichFaces (3.3.1.GA) that we are using with Seam (2.2.0.GA). An upgrade of RichFaces to version 3.3.2.SR1 should solve the problem (if not introduce some others ;-))

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      Caused by the following EL code when setting the selectedTab property of the rich:tabPanel component:


      <rich:tabPanel id="eventTabs" switchType="client" selectedTab="#{priceUpdateViewsAction.selectedTab}">