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      I want your inputs regarding how to handle DB-migrations. Maybe this is a little bit of topic but since I believe that Seam is well suited for large systems some of you here most be dealing with this issue. I have teoretically evaluated liquibase and c5-db-migration and can conclude that these products have some flaws. Liquibase is the better of the two since  it has more features, perhaps the most important one is that is has generic support of different database engines. But I think that there is no good connection with the changelog-file and your jpa domain model (sql data types amongst others...).

      I know this is a rather hard topic but nevertheless I think it's strange that you manually have to edit the change-log file when you do some changes in the domain model. So I wonder, have I missed that there is a tool that reflects domain model changes to db changes in a good way? I realise that this with db-migrations is a process, not easily solved by a single tool. How do you deal with db-migrations? All inputs are welcome. 

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