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    wrong redirects when using seam behind an apache proxy

    jo da Newbie


      i want the Jboss to only listen on localhost, so i configured a modproxyhttp-Proxy to connect to my Seam-App thru an apapache2-server.

      So the setup is something like this:
      Client - Https - Apache - modproxyhttp - JBoss 5.1 - Seam-app

      Its working real smooth - until a redirect occurs.

      Once a Redirect from pages.xml triggers, the browser is actually forwarded to, so it pretty mutch looks like seam uses the Jboss-bind-adress in this case.

      Any way to make him redirect using relational urls like /app/page.seam instead of, or at least set the base-url myself?

      Running Jboss 5.1 with Seam 2.2