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    O/R mapping API for use in BMP

    Ramin Akhbari Newbie

      I've read just about every message in this forum, as well as the relevant chapters in the JBoss online docs having to do with CMP and have pretty much decided that CMP, as implemented by JBoss, is a little limiting for kinds of things I want to achieve for my appilcation. So I'm going to use BMP instead.

      But I have a few questions:

      1. Is the O/R mapping API used by JAWS available to be tapped into even if you're using BMP? Or must one be using CMP to take advantage of it? If yes, examples anywhere?

      2. What is the standard convention for setting up the two basic types of JDBC connection pools which are needed in an application: 1) XA Global Txn (container-managed) 2) Local Txn (not mngd by container) ? I've already seen a few examples for the global txn examples in the docs, but haven't seen any for the local txns. As I understand container-managed XA-enabled txns can only be used from inside EJBs (either session of entity) and can not be used from inside Servlet/JSPs, correct? This is the reason why I'm asking about Local Txn pools so that I can use them from inside Servlet/JSPs and not have to code the pool management myself. Can someone point me to an example anywhere in the docs or elsewhere of the jboss.jcml or other config file entries for this?

      Thanks very much in advance.