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    RaiseEvent and outject

    su baochen Newbie
      Hi all,

      I have two POJOs in the seam application, one raise event and outject the variable and the other observe the event and inject the variable:

      POJO A:
      private String test;

      public void sayHello(){
          this.test  = "123";

      POJO B:

      private String test;

      public void hello(){
          System.out.println("say hello too:"+test);

      But, when sayHello is called in POJOA, the method hello in POJOB only print out "say hello too:", injected variable test is still null.

      I think the injected variable test should be assigned before the hello method is called, am I right?

      Thanks in advance!

      Su Baochen
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          Nikolay Elenkov Master

          Maybe :) It depends on order of Seam interceptors, and it seems the EventInterceptor gets called before the BijectionInterceptor, that's why you are getting null. Use Events.raiseEvent instead and pass your string as a parameter instead. Something like:

          sayHello() {
            Events.instance().raiseEvent("hello", "123");
          public void hello(String test) {