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    Seam authentication with Weblogic authenticators

    deadlock gr Newbie

      Dear all,

      I have an application deployed on WebLogic 10.3.2 (11g), in which the user logs in through SSO. In other words, if the user is not logged in, he is redirected to SSO, where he logs in, and then is redirected back to the application. The whole redirection takes place by an the Oracle HTTP Server (a modified apache), which makes sure that only SSO-authenticated users can see the applciation.

      So, when the user finally sees the application, he is already logged in.

      Is there a way to use Seam security with this scenario?

      A way I thought of, but for which I am not sure, is to use the subject that is populated by the SSO authentication provider of WebLogic, and use it to populate the Identity component of Seam. That would take place in the authentication method, which will always return true (since the user is already logged in). Inside the method, the credentials and roles of the Subject will be transfered inside the Seam identity.

      Is this feasible at all?