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    iText <p:header> versus <ui:repeat>

    Marcelo Nunes Newbie

      Hello all,

      My Seam 2.1.2 application have an iText-based report in which outputs some info from a 'Item' class.

      Here is a simplified structure of it, please do not pay attention to missing text tags.

           <f:facet name="header">
                <p:footer><p:pageNumber /><p:footer>
                     <fancy header with html, images, etc>
                     <p:text value="Report of #{Item.number}">
                <p:text value="Serial number: #{Item.data1}" />
                <p:text value="Product ID: #{Item.data2}" />
                <p:text value="Model name: #{Item.data3}" />

      Now my users want to select several Items at once and produce one single report with all of them. The question is: Can I put this structure inside a itemList iteration tag without losing the header/footer?

      Any ideas?
      Thanks in advance,