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    Rendering HTML in a s:div or a:outputPanel

    Mike Burton Newbie
      Hi Folks,

      I want to render <b>bold</b> etc markup on my page.
      I have <f:verbatim escape="false" id="output" and this works.
      Output is triggered by a PushEvent so I also have:
      <a:push id="push" reRender="output"
      BUT it gives me log messages like "Target component for id output not found"
      After a bit of Googling I changed the <f:verbatim to a <s:div or <a:outputPanel.
      This removed the error BUT these 2 components dont escape my HTML, so I dont see bolded text etc in my output.

      Apart from <f:verbatim escape="false" are there any other ways to render / format HTML into a Seam/JSF UI component?

      Mike Burton