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    URL Encoding & Decoding with Param page tag

    John Ericksen Newbie

      I started using the



      page.xml tag as recommended in the Seam 2.2.1 documentation

      Bookmarkable search results

      with mostly positive results.  My search results are completely bookmarkable and rerun when revisited.  We recently started using Lucene and Solr as a solution for handling search results.  The Lucene searching language contains a variety of characters, some of which are URL Encoded when used with the param tag.  My issue here is that the url parameter variable is not decoded when it is injected back into the application.  So, the following search string:

      test ? someting


      test %3F someting

      and you can imagine it snowballs from there.

      Im using Seam version 2.2.10.

      Is there something special beyond the documentation to get this feature working?

      Thanks for your reply.