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    Should I write build.xml?

    Ganzorig Bayaraa Newbie

      Hey, guys, I'm new to JBoss Seam framework. I've run the sample projects in the Seam folder. I wonder when I create my own project, should I write build.xml myself? Must I write it? There's no documentation on build.xml. What should I do?

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          Shane Bryzak Master

          You don't have to use Ant to build your project, but if you do and you'd like to save yourself some time, I recommend you use seam-gen to create the project structure (and it will also generate a build.xml for you). 

          There's a step by step guide on how to do this in the reference docs, which you can find here.

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            Arbi Sookazian Master

            In Seam 2, your options are Ant (in which I highly recommend seam-gen) or Maven.  seam-gen will generate a very decent build.xml with lots of useful targets (just see the booking example's build.xml).  Seam 3 will be based on Maven.  When using Maven 2 with Seam 2, you're basically on your own AFAIK...

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              Ganzorig Bayaraa Newbie

              Thank you guys. That was very helpful. I tried and compared SeamGen and JBossTools. First SeamGen was better for me as it generates build.xml for me. But then I found out that I can write or use build.xml from other projects and change it for the project generated by JBoss Tools. So it worked fine with JBoss Tools generated project. Also, I can deploy the project strictly to JBossServer/server/default/deploy just like deploying by ant and seamgen.