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    Seam not outjecting to session after redirect

    Zarar Siddiqi Newbie
      In my Seam component I have the following outject happening:

      @Out(required=false, ScopeType.SESSION)
      private SearchResults searchResults;

      and in the method that's being called by the <h:commandLink/>, I have:

      public void doSearch() {
         searchResults = ...
         return "external";

      In pages.xml, I have:

              <navigation from-action="#{searchAction.doSearch}">
                  <rule if-outcome="external">
                      <redirect url="http://www.someurl.com"/>

      Once the redirect happens and the user eventually returns to my site, the searchResults object is not stored in session scope.  I even tried putting it in manually using:

      Contexts.getSessionContext().set("searchResults", searchResults);

      but even that doesn't work.

      What am I missing?
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          Arbi Sookazian Master

          1) void methods cannot return a value.
          2) have you tried it without the navigation XML snippet in pages.xml?

          Try something like this:


          to determine if it's the URL you're redirecting to that's the root cause...