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    Olalekan Ogunleye Newbie

      Hi All,

      My seam application is generated with Eclipse using the seam tools Eclipse plugin. In my application I want to implement internationalization (i18n). However, I have done my work through the message.properties file but this is my question.

      Where exactly do I have to put this file in my project directory structure or can I put it anywhere in my application and the system will automatically fetch it?

      I will appreciate a quick response to this question.

      Thank you in advance

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          Sean Tozer Newbie

          I believe the message bundle files need to live in the resources directory. They also need to be specified in components.xml, as such:

                  <core:bundle-names>             <!-- List of I18N/L9N files -->
                       <value>messages</value>     <!-- seam-provided -->