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    Avoiding stack overflow in PersistentPermissionResolver

    Sean Flanigan Newbie

      In our application, we've got a RuleBasedPermissionResolver (security.drl), but if none of the rules happens to grant a permission on a given check, it falls back on the PersistentPermissionResolver and ends up in infinite recursion (detectable in a debugger) - http://pastebin.org/369542
      and a (spurious?) NoClassDefFoundError: org/hibernate/hql/QueryExecutionRequestException (if you just look in the log) - http://pastebin.org/369538

      This problem sounds quite similar: http://seamframework.org/Community/StackOverflowProblemWhileUsingRestrictInConjuctionWithPreUpdateAndAPersistentPermissionResolver

      How can I stop the flush/permission check/flush cycle?

      Here's a bad attention-seeking idea: how about I override Identity.hasPermission(..) to return true when called recursively?