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    Is it possible to define a 'IN' where clause in RESTRICTIONS

    akrsmv Newbie

      I am a new to Seam,
      I spent my last week searching for a solution of how to use the already generated structure by Seam-Gen and to expand the where clause created via the RESTRICTIONS property.

      My EntityBean has an integer property agtid. I should display results for which this agtid is IN some list of integers.I have those list kept in my identity object, i.e I can reach it via identity.agentIds.

      But I could not find a solution for this. Tried converting this list of integers as string of coma separated values, But then the parser complains that it cannot cast integer to varchar. Basically I need something like :
      private static final String[] RESTRICTIONS = {
                          product.agent.id in #{identity.agentIds},
      Is this possible? Please advise.

      Please excuse me if I missed the thread for this, but my searchings for something common was unsuccesful.