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    Closed-Source Applet & Seam Session

    Paolo Russian Newbie
      Hello, I have a proprietary applet (can't have sourcecode, just the jar) to digitally sign remote/local files. One just need to provide a document url to pass to the applet, like "http://server:8080/YOUR_WAR/pdfToBeSigned.pdf", then it spits to a servlet or jsp or a bean a fileOutPutStream you can save wherever you prefer.
      The problem is that the applet correctly sign the file, the certificate is valid, but the document signed, once extracted, is the XHTML login page, "please login first..." etc. This because the applet seems to be out of session and pages.xml is configured so that "*" pages has login-required="true".
      Being that I cannot modify in any way the jar of the applet, how can I tell seam that this applet has the right to access a seam folder, or how can I tie seam and applet to the same conversation?
      We use widely exadel flamingo to attach flex UI to conversations, but we set this into the flex code, we can't do a similar thing this time, with this applet...
      Thanks in advance to anyone with suggestions