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      I have been trying to start a websphere application developer v project using the source codes of the jboss-seam-jpa booking example application that came with jboss-seam-2.2.0.GA; It compiles ok , however when I want to run it on the inbuilt server it fails with Mbean exception.

      I have ran this successfully by deploying the application on the websphere 7 - without going through the developer studio. That works.

      Is any one aware of any issue in developing seam projects in websphere developer studio? Can you possibly send me a sample ear file for a very basic hello world application that I can easily import into the developer studio? I tried all the tips in the SEAMS document chapt 40 about websphere RAD - but no luck - I am hoping some one will have a neat package for the current version of RAD -as I can see indications that my predecessors were successful in using RAD for SEAM with earlier versions of RAD.

      Thanks Best Regards Pronab

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          Don't know anything about the developper studio...Using RSA v7.5.5.1 here

          To run Seam in WAS v7, I recommend downloading the current CR version (Seam 2.2.1.CR2 or the nightly build) as many fixed have been commited to run smoothly with WAS

          ALso, extract the manual from the zip (or tar.gz) and read the chapter on how to run Seam on WAS 7. I've totally rewritten this chapter for WAS v7 and explained how to configure your app and solve the JNDI problems that you could encounter

          I also recommend using WAS v7.0.0.9 (or v7.0.0.11 recently GA)

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            FTY I just downloaded the latest nightly build (Seam v2.2.1.CR2), build and deployed the jpa sample as explained in chapter 40.6 of the manual and it works perfectly well on the WAS test env v7.0.0.9

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              Thanks Denis,

              I shall try your suggestion . I am downloading the latest nightly build from :

              I assume you are referring to that - it is just that it is not labeled as Seam v2.2.1.CR2.
              The label on the link is : Latest 2.2 Unstable Nightly Build build 229 - downloading :


              Will that be right?

              Thanks again.

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                yes it is. will become v2.2.1.CR2 soon..

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                  OK ..shall try that. Also  I read somewhere you can use jboss-seam plugin for rational application developer . I am using Rational Application Developer v -which I think is exactly what you have . Do you know any plugin I can download that will give the Seam profile for application developer?
                  Because I am working in a corporate firewall -I can not directly point to software update sites within application developer -eclipse style - I have to download the plugin  on my laptop and then point to it localy.