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    making my seam app the default app



      I have an enterprise application (ear) consisting of 2 web app archives (war) and 1 jar archive (jar). One of the war archives is currently accessible by a URL such as the following, www.mysite.com/web/ui/index.seam for example and the other is accessible through...www.mysite.com/api/users/1 for example. What I want is to make the first app the default app. So I would like to access it simply as wwww.mysite.com/index.seam or www.mysite.com/index (using url rewrite). What I cannot figure out is how to do away with the context path web. I am aware that I need to add an entry to my jboss-web.xml setting the context path to /. The problem with this is that I get a 404 saying that www.mysite.com/null cannot be found. Anybody know whats happening here? Thanks in advance.