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    Rosetta stone for kids

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      They Are Real People, With Real Incomes, That Are Motivated By The Idea Of Enjoying Family Life Free Of Debt, Political CorrectnesLifelong Dream Of Beautiful Uninterrupted Sunshine!

      Now it's time for you to take the idea of living in the sun seriously, after all you have stumbled across our website for a reason. If you want to carry on with the same routine that you currently have in England that's fine - but have you ever thought that there is a much better life out there for you?
      Our aim at Living In The Sun is to point out all the wonderful things about our life in the sunshine and give you the opportunity to come and join us. We are going to say that moving abroad and becoming an expat is a piece of cake because it isn't. You will suffer your own ups and downs but the end result can be truly amazing!
      We are here to work through the whole process with you, from penning down your very first thoughts through to settling down and making new friends in your chosen country. We can even help you with the things you might have considered such as your driving license or residency documentation.
      Rosetta stone for kids