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    Passing parameters to a page

    Nagesh Mamillapalli Newbie


      I am trying to pass a object to a different page from an action/listener class using the page context. Below is the code and pages.xml for your reference. I understand that page context won't be available to ConfirmedApplications page after redirection and I don't want to use Conversation here. Please let me know if there is any other way that I can pass this object to the page.


      // Dispose the application
           public String disposeApplication(String action) {
                applicationInboxBean = (ApplicationInboxBean) invokeSetService(false);
                return "confirmedApplications"; // redirect the user to Confirmed
                                                        // Applications

      <page expires="0" view-id="/webmain/*" back="enabled">
                     <rule if-outcome="confirmedApplications">
                          <redirect view-id="/webmain/confirmedApps.xhtml" />
                     <rule if-outcome="Applications Inbox">
                          <redirect view-id="/webmain/applicationInbox.xhtml" />
           <exception class="gov.fcc.cls.web.admin.exceptions.AdminServiceCallException">
                <redirect view-id="/webmain/errorDisplay.xhtml">
                     <message severity="ERROR">#{org.jboss.seam.handledException.message}