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    Forcing use of JSESSIONID in url for iFrame without 3rd party cookie support

    Mason Harding Newbie

      HI all!  I am working on an app that runs within an iFrame.  The client authenticates Outside of the iFrame, then redirects back to a page that contains the application inside of an iFrame.  If the client has 3rd party cookies disabled, the iFrame will not be able to access the cookie, and it will never see the jsessionid.

      WHat I would like to do is test for the cookie in the app, and if not found, redirect using JS to the current page, with ;jsessionid appended to the end.  I tried that with


      Which looked OK...but would never maintain the current session.  I then added an


      to the page, turned off cookies, viewed the page in a browser, and saw that the jsessionid listed on the form was different than the one provided by session.getId(). 

      My question is this......how can I get the correct jsessionid, the one that would be part of the form?