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    Observer method arguments

    mariusz bogucki Newbie

      I am new to seam In one of the seam examples I find the following method that is activated by JpaIdentityStore.EVENTUSERAUTHENTICATED, my question is where does the UserIdentity account argument come from, is it  from the session I could not find any observer methods with the arguments in the documentation.

      package org.jboss.seam.example.booking.Users;
      import org.jboss.seam.annotations.Name;
      import org.jboss.seam.annotations.Observer;
      import org.jboss.seam.contexts.Contexts;
      import org.jboss.seam.security.management.JpaIdentityStore;
      public class UpdateAreasStats
         public void loginSuccessful(UserIdentity account)
            Contexts.getSessionContext().set("authenticatedUser", account.getUser());