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    Combining natural conversation with end-conversation before-redirect

    Damon Chong Newbie

      I am trying to combine a <s:button> which has a conversationName specified so that I can re-join the same natural conversation from a page e.g. my.xhtml. I am also specifying within my.page.xhtml a <end-conversation before-redirect="true" /> which will kill the current conversation id before redirecting to the new page e.g. next.xhtml.

      So the <s:button> looks like

      <s:button action="newBatch" conversationName="productCode"/>

      the above calls the my.page.xml which has a rule like

      <rule if-outcome="newBatch">
        <end-conversation before-redirect="true" />                 
        <redirect view-id="/next.xhtml" >                                  
          <param name="uniqueId" value="#{myBean.uid}" />

      My question is can you specify a natural conversation id and kill (before-redirect="true") the current conversation id within a single request? I tried to step through the seam's Manager.java but it doesn't seems to be allowable. Any lights on this deeply appreciated! Cheers.