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    DVD Store example perpetually reloads

    Dave Monz Newbie

      Trying out Seam and having problems with DVD store example.

      Installed JBoss-5.1.0GA

      Downloaded Seam-2.2.0.GA

      Not using eclipse, just command line

      Built examples per tutorial page: My Link

      Tried a couple of examples:
      - Registration examples works as expected
      - Nestedbooking worked alsa

      Tried deploying dvdstore (using ant explode target)

      - Builds without errors
      - JBoss log shows the usual deploy stuff
      - No ERROR messages or stack traces in JBoss log (some WARNS, but appear to be typical benign stuff)

      Appears to deploy OK, but after a few seconds the deploy process repeats, and this loops forever.

      JBoss log file available here:
      My Link

      I see identical behavior on Windows and Mac OSX.