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    Organize a Seam GWT application

    Marcus Schmidke Newbie
      Hello all,

      I've spent this day getting GWT 2.0 an Seam 2.2 to run together. It was not that easy, but finally I managed to get a simple example up and running.

      Does anybody do the same?

      How should I organize my projects?

      I want to write a JBoss / Seam / JSF based application which uses GWT only for some pages. Since I want to develop the core application against JBoss, I thought it would be the best to create a separate GWT web project (which I thought I could merge into my JSF web project before going productive).

      My first task was to make the GWT app making RPC calls to my Seam EJB app. I finally got this working, but get error messages like

      ERROR: The module path requested, /tapsgwtfrontendapp/, is not in the same web application as this servlet, /TAPSFrontend.  Your module may not be properly configured or your client and server code maybe out of date.
      WARNING: Failed to get the SerializationPolicy '6605EEA7DD7E19AC0F9D6A683828F700' for module ''; a legacy, 1.3.3 compatible, serialization policy will be used.  You may experience SerializationExceptions as a result.

      Those messages seem to be meaningless, since the code works, but I fear that at some day I probably could face problems with this.

      Do you have any recommendations how to arrange a Seam&GWT project folder structure? The seam documentation does not say much about this.