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    Getting seam-gen generated project to integrate with Eclipse

    Leandro Hermida Newbie

      He everyone,

      I've been out of the Seam world for a long while and happy to be back and read about Seam 3 and Weld.  Anyway, I just wanted to get reacquainted so I downloaded Seam 2.2.0.GA and unpacked it and wanted to create a new project. I've always preferred seam-gen over JBoss Tools for the project structure creation because seam-gen gives you an agnostic Ant structure that can be used and built by anyone and opened in any IDE (many of my colleagues don't use Eclipse).  With the JBoss Tools project structure you are now an Eclipse only shop.

      Ok so I follow the docs:

      ./seam setup

      Following instructions and making the project in my Eclipse Workspace. Then

      ./seam create-project

      And then opening Eclipse and Import > Existing Projects into Workspace just like the instructions and documentation show. But here is where the documentation stops (which is weird) and I have a few big questions left unanswered:

      * Under project properties it thinks the project is just a regular Java project and under Servers it tells you that you cannot use it with any servers.  How do I integrate it with an Eclipse configured JBoss 5.1.0.GA server so I can deploy?

      * Can I now just start using JBoss Tools within Eclipse and its code generation features and other nice features and it will know to do the right thing since this is a seam-gen project structure?


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          Marek Novotny Newbie

          It is more than Seam documentation related to JBoss Tools related.

          You need JBoss Tools plugins installed in Eclipse or use bundled plugins in JBoss Developer Studio. Then after importing existing seam-gen generated project into IDE, you have to change/check the Seam Runtime which you want to use and which you have installed/configured in Eclipse JBoss Tools Seam plugin.

          Use right mouse button click on your project and select Properties. Then go to seam Settings and Choose appropriate Seam runtimes from list or Add new one by clicking on Add button right next to listbox.

          Then you have attached to your project correct build launcher - Seam Builder and you need also WTP facet, which you can easily add by configure JSF capabilities - Right mouse button click on project Configure - Add JSF Capabilities. Just choose correct Server Runtime (in your case JBoss AS 5.1) and that's it.