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    Problem with nbsp; using <rich:editor> and <s:formattedText>

    Greg Gilles Newbie
      I'm having a problem rendering the HTML output entered using <rich:editor> and rendered using <s:formattedText>.  If the user enters a non breaking space (nbsp;) using the editor, it causes the output to be truncated.

      From what I could find, this appears to be a facelets issue not liking the  .  But the only proposed workaround I could find was to replace the &nbsp with &#160; by passing <f:param name="entity_encoding" value="numeric" /> to rich:editor, but  &#160; also causes the same truncation issue.

      Am I using the wrong control or doing something else obviously wrong?  Currently I'm just stripping out the   characters in my Java code, but this isn't very elegant.

      I'm using Seam and richfaces-api-3.3.3.CR1.jar.