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    ViewExpiredException with tabs browser use

    Stefano Zaccaria Newbie
      Hello to all,
      perhaps I have found a problem with JSF and use of the browser's tabs.
      I have installed the "JBOSS tools" on eclipse for make a "conversation" template ( "File->New->Conversation Seam" )  and I've followed the wizard step to step.
      So started the JBOSS AS and try to use the proof of concept of the conversation.
      I open some tabs ( 10 for clearly ) and in everyone i put the same link ( http://localhost:8080/conversation_test/conversation.seam ) so i start to do the monkey... :)
      I begun a new conversation on every tab ( with the "begin" button ) and switch to other tab for begin a different conversation. So I come back to the starting. I jumped from tab to tab, to increment the value management in that conversation ( with the "increment" button ). To do that, after some jump i recived "Error Something bad happened :-( Your session has timed out, please try again" and found some error in the trace "Caused by: javax.faces.application.ViewExpiredException: viewId:/conversation.seam - View /conversation.seam could not be restored." However if i check the debug page I found that all the conversations still been alive.
      I try the same thing with a simple page with an action and a PAGE context component and received the same problem.
      Have some idea about this?

      I used:
      Window 7 64bit
      Java SDK 1.6.21
      JBoss Tools: JBossTools-Update-3.1.1.v201006011046R-H111-GA.zip
      JBoss AS: jboss-5.1.0.GA.zip
      Eclipse: eclipse-jee-galileo-SR2-win32.zip
      RichFaces: richfaces-ui-3.3.3.Final-bin.zip
      Seam: jboss-seam-2.2.1-SNAPSHOT ( last nigth build )

      See jira https://jira.jboss.org/browse/JBSEAM-4684