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    Mailing (SMTP) in Seam doesn't work

    Ganzorig Bayaraa Newbie

      I don't get how to send email using SMTP in Seam. First, I tried on my own, it failed. I also tried the seam mailing example, it failed too. Well, actually I don't understand the configuration made in both the JBoss and Seam. Some people wrote that there's no much need to configure mail-service.xml in JBoss AS and it works just out of the box. But in other examples, they do some configurations on host, gateway, etc. I noticed that they set the port to 2525 on components.xml in Seam, while the SMTP port is 25 on JBoss AS. Also on JBoss AS, username is 'nobody' and password is 'password', while in the example username and password are both 'test'. I don't get it. Putting the url of example, configuring these 2 would be really appreciated. Oh, BTW, is there a difference between mail and messaging in seam? If yes, what is the difference?