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    finder methods failed - Oracle 8.1.7.x & JBoss 2.2.2

    Jerome Moliere Newbie

      Hi all,
      I 've got strange problems with this config ,
      findAll method works fine, while all my custom finder
      declared in the jaws.xml file raise FinderException.
      In fact log entries looks strange because the generated SQL expression seems to clever mixes of EJB fields & column names.... I 've used the example doc handling only field names, I've tried to use column names too..But both methods fail...

      My finder methods are simple findLastId used for creating an entry with the next available id (in don't want to use auto incremented keys).
      It seems that the LIMIT clause in the tag
      doesn't work...The only find method working for me uses
      column names...
      I should have missed something...
      Any clue ?
      I searched for similar problems but without any success

      Thanks for your help
      if the answer is too trivial, just give any URL...
      excuse me for any