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    Pros and cons of SEAM FRAMEWORK

    Harsh Jain Newbie

      Please tell me the pros and cons of using seam framework

      I need it for appearing in the interview.

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          Harsh Jain Newbie

          Please answer my question...

          That would be of great help to me

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            Leo van den berg Master


            The not so polite answer:

            You can find different articles by Googling and also  the documentation and books provides you with the input. Last but not least; if you use it long enough and have experience with frameworks such as Spring you can answer the question.

            The polite one:


            - Great integration of the different layers and additional components of your application such as jBPM, Serach Rest etc. (I am using all of them in one application),
            - Making the JSF backing-bean stuff obsolete,
            - Wow feeling when you use Conversations (especially the nested ones....),
            - The same feeling when you use the manual flushing in combination with Conversations,
            - Fast development time,
            - Great tools,


            - Give me more time, maybe I can find one for you, most of the problems I had were EJB3 and web-related,  minor and could be solved with special components.