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    problems with objects synchronization

    Lelo Pieri Newbie


      I have one object(A) that has a list of objects(B), for each element of 2nd list there are one list of objects(C) and for each c element there are one single object(D).

      Abstracting the way how it is showed on the view, what I whant is remove de D element.

      The relevant code is follow

      <s:div id="divDevices">
           <rich:dataGrid styleClass="center" value="#{_producerProvider.deviceProducerProviders}" var="_deviceProducerProvider" columns="5" style="margin-top:10px;">
           <h:panelGrid columns="2">
                <a4j:commandLink action="#{companyHome.removeDeviceFromDeviceProvider(_deviceProducerProvider)}" 
                     rendered="#{empty _deviceProducerProvider.fileApplications}">
                     <h:graphicImage value="/resources/img/cancel-12x12.png"/>
           <h:graphicImage value="/resources/img/add.png" rendered="#{not empty _deviceProducerProvider.fileApplications}"/>
           <h:outputLabel value="#{_deviceProducerProvider.device.serialNumber}"/>

      public class CompanyHome extends EntityHomeValidation<Company> {
           public void removeDeviceFromDeviceProvider(DeviceProducerProvider deviceProducerProvider){
      //          log.debug("deviceProducerProvider: " + deviceProducerProvider);
      //          int index = getInstance().getProviders().indexOf(deviceProducerProvider.getProducerProvider());
      //          log.debug("Index: " + index);
      //          ProducerProvider producerProvider = getInstance().getProviders().get(index);
      //          producerProvider.getDeviceProducerProviders().remove(deviceProducerProvider);
      //          new GenericDAO().update(producerProvider);
      //          this.update();

      I'm having two situations for method removeDeviceFromDeviceProvider:
      1st: the non commented code remove the object just from the DB but not from the managed object.

      2nd: the commented code do the oposite. Remove from the managed object but not from DB.

      I think I should not do the both things or I will not be using the resources of the framework and will start having synchronizing problems.

      Does anybody have any idea what should I do?

      Thanks for all and sorry for my bad english.