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    UndeclaredThrowableException when setting value on remote in

    Bani Greyling Newbie


      I explicitly instructed my database to throw an exception if a specific column is updated, because I want to know which exception I must handle. I have a try/catch block in a session bean from where I call the setMethod on a CMP bean that throws the exception. I just get an UndeclaredThrowableException on the client side, which aint very nice. I cannot even catch the exception in the session bean when I catch Throwable. It seems that the container loose it if an ejbStore fails.

      How am I supposed to handle database exceptions when I call methods on my remote interfaces?

      Configuration: Jboss 2.2.2
      Platform: Win NT4
      Database: SQLServer 2000
      JDBC Driver: www.j-netdirect.com's JSQLConnect