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    Reset Form Validation on return to page

    Todd Brady Newbie
      I have a page for users to change their profile information.  I have several fields required with required="true" and when they click submit the errors show just fine.  But when the user leaves the page and enters it again, the validation errors are still present.  Is there a way to clear the form validation when showing the page on a new request?

      <page view-id="/myProfile.xhtml" login-required="false">
           <action execute="#{myProfileAction.loadMyProfile}"/>

      backing bean:
      @Out(required = false, scope=ScopeType.PAGE) Registration registration;
      @Begin(join = true)
      public void loadMyProfile() {
                try {
                     if (null != user.getUserId()) {
                          if (!isPostBack()) {
                               registration = RegistrationDao.readUser(user.getUserId());
                               // assign the current instance to tmpRegistration
                               Registration tmpRegistration = this.getInstance();
                     } else {
                } catch (Exception ex) {
                     AppLog.logFatal("Exception in loadMyProfile(): ", ex);

      Somehow I want to start with a fresh view on a new request.
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          Todd Brady Newbie

          A little more information:
          I am using jboss-portal-2.7.0, seam 2.2.1, richfaces 3.3.3

          I want to be able to click the tab links and start a new view instance on these links if possible.  Thanks

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            Todd Brady Newbie
            Ok, still working through this issue.  If I create a link inside the xhtml file and redcirect it works:

              <s:link id="configureUser" action="#{profileAction.configureUser}" >
                     <h:graphicImage value="#{sessionManager.imagePath}/wrench.png" />

            @Begin (join = true)
                    public String configureUser() {
                            return "/myProfile.xhtml";

            This gets me a new view with no validation errors.  But I want to be able to click on a tab from the portal and accomplish this too.  From the default tabs.jsp in the jboss portal server:
                        for (Iterator j = tmp.iterator(); j.hasNext();)
                           PortalNode childChild = (PortalNode)j.next();
                     <li><a href='<%= childChild.createURL(context) %>'><%= childChild.getDisplayName(locale) %>

            Has anyone tried to do this before?  The link in the tab is: /portal/auth/user/myProfile and I want that to create a new view.