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    performance problems with opta 2000

    Sridhar Mudugu Newbie

      Hi ,

      I am using Jboss2.2 with Tomcat3.2 and SQL server 2K.

      The JDBC driver I am planning to use is i-net Opta 2000 Version 4.11 ( With a fix to xid not valid problem).

      I am facing a major Performance issue with these set up.

      It takes about 3 mins to complete a task which was taking <5Sec with Jboss2.1+Tomact3.2 & I-net Una driver.

      I am using BMP for the Entity bean persistance.

      Have anybody experienced similar problems?
      Please ask me if you want to look at any of mu configuration settings.

      Thanks in advance.

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          fabio Newbie

          I'm using i-net OPTAT 2000 Version 4.13, with MSQL 7 and JBOSS 2.4, and I'm having problems for connecting to DBase.
          The only way I can link it is to add "con.setCatalog(databaseName)" after the DataSource's statement.
          Could you please let me know how do you connect to dbase through the DataSource's statement only?


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            Marijan Vukcevich Newbie


            I will try to do it very short.
            Since it will take a lot of space to cover everything.

            This is for your ejb:

            Context ictx = new InitialContext();
            DataSource ds = (DataSource) ictx.lookup("java:/OptaNetPool");

            then you can call

            The below is the extra info, just in case that you have problem setting things up.

            Here you will have to set up the connectionPool for opta2000.
            You will need the link to the driver:
            and the rest of setings for the pool
            This is the file name : jboss.jcml

            You will need to add the opta jar to the classpath.
            this is good place, since jboss will load it whenever you restart the server.
            also the jdbc2_0-stdext.jar ( recommended )jdbc 2.0 optional package.

            Hope it helps......

            This is extra:
            NOTE: There is a nice article how to utilize the EjbProxy.
            Site is: java world (Java Tip 118 )