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    Asynchronous not working on POJO

    a m Newbie


      I am using Seam-Version: 2.2.0.GA with ice faces 1.8.i am trying to invoke a method asynchronously on POJO which is in conversation scope.

      Below is the code i am using

      public void asyncMethod(AsyncParams p){

      Everytime i call this method it is executed synchronously.

      Also I tried with the following entries in components.xml
      First try: core:dispatcher

      Second try: async:quartz-dispatcher

      still method is not executing in background.

      Please help.

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          michel perez Newbie

          Be sure that the method that you excute with @Asyncronous is in another class that is injected where the method is called x ej :

          public class EmailService {


                  private Renderer renderer;

                  public void sendMessageUser(@Duration long delay, String template,
                                  User user, String str) {
                          try {
                                  Contexts.getEventContext().set(info, user);
                                  Contexts.getEventContext().set(myPassword, str);
                          } catch (Exception e) {

          this is called from another class:
                          loggerAsync.saveLogBook(new Date(),
                                          UtilDate.cronFormat(cal1.getTime()), cal2.getTime(), bit,
          and works :)